Singulariteen at the 2013 San Francisco Fringe has closed. Our last performance was to another sold-out house, and our audience loved the performance. We are thrilled by the audience reactions and by the reviews they’ve been leaving at the Fringe’s audience reviews page.

Last night, the Fringe held a closing party and awards show, and Singulariteen was honored with four “Sold Out” awards and a “Best of Fringe” award. Christina Augello, Fringe Producer, called us out as the play that “everyone was clamoring to see.” We are very gratified at the recognition of Singulariteen as one of the standout plays of the Fringe, and we thank the producers, staff, volunteers, and all the other theater artists of the San Francisco Fringe for an unforgettable experience.


We have one more performance scheduled of Singulariteen at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. So far, we have been playing to full houses, and getting plenty of laughter, applause, and spectacular audience reviews! We are very excited for our final performance. The cast is psyched and ready to give it their all. We’re only missing our audience! There are still tickets left – get them here:

Our audience from last weekend is burning up the Singulariteen Audience Review page! Here are some choice audience reviews:

I loved it. It was well written, funny, and superbly directed. I really like how the cast played off each other – lots of talent on that stage! “Dad” was scary at first, but then I started sympathizing with him. Is this wrong?!? This play was reminiscent of shades of SF Mime Troupe’s finest work, back in the day!

Hysterical, witty, and a great time. I absoltely loved it! So relevant to everything happening in the world with technology right now. Wonderful writing and directing. I would definitely recommend this to all! Everyone can relate to this production.

I’m glad I was able to catch this show at the fringe festival. I enjoyed the social commentary very much and wasn’t expecting the twisted relationships at the end (no spoilers!-see it for yourself!) I thought the daughter was a standout in the cast – she kept the absurdity of the situation grounded in emotional truth and I loved the FBI agent and the over the topness of his character. Congrats guys on creating and sustaining local art!!!!

This play is an awesome timely romp! Super fun exposure of our modern fears and apathies regarding our technological times. Very clever to show two different generations responses to today’s life- very clever to have cosmic Jesus pizza man AND the worldly agent man in the mix. The actors were great fun, and their passion for this play was a delight. Of few outsanding moments were, well, almost EVERYTHING the agent did … Awesome play! Awesome energy from the actors!!

I loved Singulariteen! Fast moving, Funny, Thought provoking. Not 1 dull moment! Great twist at the end! … Especially loved both of the kids. Good energy, through-out! And that’s a good thing- for a 10:30pm curtain! This was my first Fringe experience. I loved the Exit, and the concept. Hats off to you! I’m be back for more on Saturday!

We worked really hard to make Singulariteen a fun and entertaining show – and we have succeeded! If you don’t have your tickets today, what are you waiting for? There are only two shows left and tickets are going fast! Get your tickets now:


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Wait, you mean we’re a hit!?

Singulariteen had its first two performances over the weekend at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and the audience response was overwhelmingly positive. On the audience review site, here are the reviews we’re getting:

Amazing! Fantastic play, great directing and really, really great actors.

One of the funniest, most well written shows ever. The subject material is spot on, especially given today’s political climate. But best of all was the amazing cast, which was absolutely perfect! You don’t want to miss this production.

The play was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anybody!! The actors were incredible and extremely believable. The play was the perfect amount of time to keep you captivated the whole time.

I don’t know any of these audience members! On the other hand hand, I know Earl Roske, and this is what he had to say on our Facebook page:

Saw it. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Entertaining, outrageous, twisted. Funny. You’re missing 60 minutes of absurdity if you don’t go.

Now, you might not know Earl. I do, and if Earl didn’t mean it, he wouldn’t have written it.

For our own part, we heard the audience laughing. A lot. We heard the applause. We felt great about the energy of the performances and the technical excellence of the crew. Singulariteen is nailing it! And there are still two more performances at the Fringe!

Get your tickets now!

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San Francisco Fringe Festival
156 Eddy Street, San Francisco
fresh, exciting theatre for open-minded audiences
September 6-21, 2013

For Immediate Release

Press Contact: Gary Carr, Fringe Publicist


Singulariteen Tops 2013 San Francisco Fringe Festival in Advance Ticket Sales

Audiences eager to spend the Apocalypse with the Bristols. 

San Francisco. August 29, 2013. Theatergoers are grabbing up seats for Singulariteen, a new play by Patrick M Brennan opening September 7 as part of the 2013 SF Fringe Festival. This week the Fringe office named Singulariteen the leader in advanced ticket sales for the festival.

Perhaps the draw is the story of a normal American family, the Bristols, trying to keep it together as the world hurtles toward the abyss. On the eve of the Singularity they face the prospect of the end of life as they know it. Jesus, Drones, the Second American Revolution, Cyber-sex, Guns, and a mysterious man named Raoul all conspire to activate our apocalyptic fears and private foibles.

Singulariteen is great political theater. Patrick M Brennan has created a romp through the state of the world sure to delight and surprise,” said director Hester Schell, MFA. “I am thoroughly enjoying directing this cast.”

Something more lurks within this production. The most terrifying topics can be the most absurd. The most absurd works can be the most truthful. In rehearsals the Bristols are crying but the cast and crew are laughing. This tells us they have hit a nerve.

“I never had as much fun producing a new play as I’ve had with the cast and crew of Singulariteen! I’ve watched the Bristol family come to life in the hands of these amazing actors, and they keep finding ways of making me laugh,” said author Patrick M Brennan. “This show is very special.”

Savvy Fringe fans order early. Exit Theater, which hosts the annual festival, reserves 25% of Fringe show tickets for sale at the theater starting 30 minutes before each performance. Tickets at the door are cash-only and sell quickly. Once the festival begins word of mouth spreads between staff, volunteers, performers, and audience members like an apocalyptic airborne disease.

Singulariteen stands to win, at the very least, one of the SF Fringe Festivals “Sold Out” awards.

Singulariteen is produced by Undefined Symbol Theater and the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco and plays September 7, 8, 14, and 20 at the Exit Theatre. To secure advance tickets for Singulariteen, go to For company information, visit

The 2013 San Francisco Fringe Festival runs September 6 through 21 at San Francisco’s EXIT Theatreplex, 156 Eddy Street. For complete listings of venues, shows, and times, go to Or call the fringe hotline at (415) 673-3847.

For More Information, Contact:
Lisa Gentile,
or, Gary Carr, (925)

I’m very pleased to announce that Singulariteen, my new Pre-Apocalyptic Nightmare Comedy, is the top seller of advance tickets at the 2013 San Francisco Fringe Festival! We are hard at work getting everything ready to rock a full house, and it’s shaping up to be an explosively funny show. It’s a very good time to get your tickets now and join us!

Undefined Symbol Theater is proud to announce the cast of Singulariteen by Patrick M Brennan, directed by Hester Schell, which will have its world premiere at the San Francisco Fringe 2013:

HELEN : Terry Bamberger
GEORGE : Steve Menasche
EDDIE : Marcus D. Lance
SISSY : Emily Radosevich
JESUS : RJ Castaneda
ASPEN : John Lennon Harrison

We are very fortunate to have such talented and professional actors committed to this project. They join a top-notch production team in what is shaping up to be a very exciting show. We are looking forward to making you laugh at Singulariteen!

PS: Now would be a good time to get your tickets, before we sell out! :

Broadway World has an article up which teases the upcoming SF Fringe Festival. A quick mention of Singulariteen indicates that we’re succeeding in staying mysterious.

Assuming that the rest of the article is probably more reliable than that, it’s going to be a very interesting and exciting Fringe!



Undefined Symbol Theater invites actors to submit H/R for

              SF FRINGE FESTIVAL, 2013

PROJECT:         SINGULARITEEN a short play, by Patrick M Brennan

SF Fringe Theatre Festival –

PRODUCERS:   Undefined Symbol Theater, in partnership with the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco.

DIRECTOR:      Hester Schell

DESCRIPTION: One act farce, set in suburbia – The story of the Bristols, a normal American family trying to keep it together as the world hurtles toward oblivion. On the eve of the Singularity – whatever that is – they face the very end of their lives as they know it when Jesus (yeah, him) delivers…pizza. Drones, the Second American Revolution, Cyber-sex, Guns, and a mysterious FBI agent all conspire on a hilarious romp through our apocalyptic fears and assorted foibles. All performances will be at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco.

Company information:

ROLES:  Ensemble cast with strong comic chops. If selected to audition, bring a 2 minute comedic contemporary monologue. There will be no required nudity and no simulated acts of a sexual nature.

GEORGE-45. Married to Helen. Unemployed on disability from a gun accident. Wants to escape a world he finds confusing and frightening to return a simpler life. Fears that modern technology is leading America and his family to destruction. Ready for drastic action. Loves his guns.

HELEN-40. Overachieving bread-winner career professional; desperate for happiness. Wants to escape the trap of suburban family and job. Ready to walk away for true love. No one listens to her anyway.

SISSY-18. George and Helen’s daughter. Eddie’s twin sister. Crafty. Anxious. Wants forgiveness for her sins and release from the prison that her parents’ house has become. On the surface, she is deeply religious and secretly feels guilty for causing her Dad’s disability.  Secretly plots to save her family from her brother’s machinations.

EDDIE – 18. George and Helen’s son. Sissy’s twin brother. Geeky genius busy cracking codes, trolling for FBI secrets, has his finger in deep conspiracy hacking. Wants to strike a blow against the surveillance state and gain widespread acclaim for this act.

ASPEN/JESUS (double cast) –

JESUS: 33.  The Savior. Arrives with pizza. Jesus delivers.

ASPEN – 40. A career undercover FBI officer.  Slick hero in a suit. Seducer of skirts, young and old; has no problem lying and destroying a family (including turning each family member against the other) in order to save the United States.

 PAY/PERKS:  Non-Union and Union (AEA) actors are welcome to audition

Stipend fee for rehearsal and performance.  BAPP contract pending.


Email headshots and resumes to: with your name and the  role in the subject line:  YOUR NAME, ROLE.  We will contact you for an audition.  Auditions are  on  Sunday, July 14, or Monday, July 15. Callbacks are Tuesday or Wednesday evening, July 16 or 17.    NOTE: Send your materials only if you have the performance and rehearsal schedule available.

REHEARSALS and PERFORMANCES:  San Francisco central location convenient to BART.

Rehearsals – Begin 1st week in AUGUST – Weekends: Saturdays (11am)  & Sunday afternoons (1pm)

and Weeknights – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 6:30pm.

Four performances; schedule set by the Fringe. Call times are one hour before curtain.

SAT. 9/7 10:30 pm;  SUN. 9/8 2:30 pm;  SAT. 9/14 2:30 pm;  FRI. 9/20 9:00 pm.

Performance schedule requires “pick-up” rehearsal prior to each of the last two performances, TBD.


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