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Undefined Symbol Theater invites actors to submit H/R for

              SF FRINGE FESTIVAL, 2013

PROJECT:         SINGULARITEEN a short play, by Patrick M Brennan

SF Fringe Theatre Festival –

PRODUCERS:   Undefined Symbol Theater, in partnership with the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco.

DIRECTOR:      Hester Schell

DESCRIPTION: One act farce, set in suburbia – The story of the Bristols, a normal American family trying to keep it together as the world hurtles toward oblivion. On the eve of the Singularity – whatever that is – they face the very end of their lives as they know it when Jesus (yeah, him) delivers…pizza. Drones, the Second American Revolution, Cyber-sex, Guns, and a mysterious FBI agent all conspire on a hilarious romp through our apocalyptic fears and assorted foibles. All performances will be at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco.

Company information:

ROLES:  Ensemble cast with strong comic chops. If selected to audition, bring a 2 minute comedic contemporary monologue. There will be no required nudity and no simulated acts of a sexual nature.

GEORGE-45. Married to Helen. Unemployed on disability from a gun accident. Wants to escape a world he finds confusing and frightening to return a simpler life. Fears that modern technology is leading America and his family to destruction. Ready for drastic action. Loves his guns.

HELEN-40. Overachieving bread-winner career professional; desperate for happiness. Wants to escape the trap of suburban family and job. Ready to walk away for true love. No one listens to her anyway.

SISSY-18. George and Helen’s daughter. Eddie’s twin sister. Crafty. Anxious. Wants forgiveness for her sins and release from the prison that her parents’ house has become. On the surface, she is deeply religious and secretly feels guilty for causing her Dad’s disability.  Secretly plots to save her family from her brother’s machinations.

EDDIE – 18. George and Helen’s son. Sissy’s twin brother. Geeky genius busy cracking codes, trolling for FBI secrets, has his finger in deep conspiracy hacking. Wants to strike a blow against the surveillance state and gain widespread acclaim for this act.

ASPEN/JESUS (double cast) –

JESUS: 33.  The Savior. Arrives with pizza. Jesus delivers.

ASPEN – 40. A career undercover FBI officer.  Slick hero in a suit. Seducer of skirts, young and old; has no problem lying and destroying a family (including turning each family member against the other) in order to save the United States.

 PAY/PERKS:  Non-Union and Union (AEA) actors are welcome to audition

Stipend fee for rehearsal and performance.  BAPP contract pending.


Email headshots and resumes to: with your name and the  role in the subject line:  YOUR NAME, ROLE.  We will contact you for an audition.  Auditions are  on  Sunday, July 14, or Monday, July 15. Callbacks are Tuesday or Wednesday evening, July 16 or 17.    NOTE: Send your materials only if you have the performance and rehearsal schedule available.

REHEARSALS and PERFORMANCES:  San Francisco central location convenient to BART.

Rehearsals – Begin 1st week in AUGUST – Weekends: Saturdays (11am)  & Sunday afternoons (1pm)

and Weeknights – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. 6:30pm.

Four performances; schedule set by the Fringe. Call times are one hour before curtain.

SAT. 9/7 10:30 pm;  SUN. 9/8 2:30 pm;  SAT. 9/14 2:30 pm;  FRI. 9/20 9:00 pm.

Performance schedule requires “pick-up” rehearsal prior to each of the last two performances, TBD.


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Thanks to the diligent efforts of our Production Manager, the estimable Bill Hyatt, we have secured rehearsal space for our Fringe production of Singulariteen! Most of our rehearsals will take place at the beautiful Kunst-Stoff space on Grove Street in San Francisco. We are delighted to have the use of this space and we are looking forward to this show really coming together under the direction of the very talented Hester Schell. More news to follow!

Undefined Symbol Theater is very proud to announce that Hester Schell has agreed to direct the play for the San Francisco Fringe 2013! Hester has written, performed, and directed theater all her life and we are very fortunate to have the benefit of her experience. Hester joins Patrick M Brennan (playwright), Bill Hyatt (producer) and Charley Lerrigo (assistant producer) as the creative team who will bring Singulariteen‘s hilarious and surreal vision to life on the San Francisco stage!