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Singulariteen at the 2013 San Francisco Fringe has closed. Our last performance was to another sold-out house, and our audience loved the performance. We are thrilled by the audience reactions and by the reviews they’ve been leaving at the Fringe’s audience reviews page.

Last night, the Fringe held a closing party and awards show, and Singulariteen was honored with four “Sold Out” awards and a “Best of Fringe” award. Christina Augello, Fringe Producer, called us out as the play that “everyone was clamoring to see.” We are very gratified at the recognition of Singulariteen as one of the standout plays of the Fringe, and we thank the producers, staff, volunteers, and all the other theater artists of the San Francisco Fringe for an unforgettable experience.


We have one more performance scheduled of Singulariteen at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. So far, we have been playing to full houses, and getting plenty of laughter, applause, and spectacular audience reviews! We are very excited for our final performance. The cast is psyched and ready to give it their all. We’re only missing our audience! There are still tickets left – get them here:

Our audience from last weekend is burning up the Singulariteen Audience Review page! Here are some choice audience reviews:

I loved it. It was well written, funny, and superbly directed. I really like how the cast played off each other – lots of talent on that stage! “Dad” was scary at first, but then I started sympathizing with him. Is this wrong?!? This play was reminiscent of shades of SF Mime Troupe’s finest work, back in the day!

Hysterical, witty, and a great time. I absoltely loved it! So relevant to everything happening in the world with technology right now. Wonderful writing and directing. I would definitely recommend this to all! Everyone can relate to this production.

I’m glad I was able to catch this show at the fringe festival. I enjoyed the social commentary very much and wasn’t expecting the twisted relationships at the end (no spoilers!-see it for yourself!) I thought the daughter was a standout in the cast – she kept the absurdity of the situation grounded in emotional truth and I loved the FBI agent and the over the topness of his character. Congrats guys on creating and sustaining local art!!!!

This play is an awesome timely romp! Super fun exposure of our modern fears and apathies regarding our technological times. Very clever to show two different generations responses to today’s life- very clever to have cosmic Jesus pizza man AND the worldly agent man in the mix. The actors were great fun, and their passion for this play was a delight. Of few outsanding moments were, well, almost EVERYTHING the agent did … Awesome play! Awesome energy from the actors!!

I loved Singulariteen! Fast moving, Funny, Thought provoking. Not 1 dull moment! Great twist at the end! … Especially loved both of the kids. Good energy, through-out! And that’s a good thing- for a 10:30pm curtain! This was my first Fringe experience. I loved the Exit, and the concept. Hats off to you! I’m be back for more on Saturday!

We worked really hard to make Singulariteen a fun and entertaining show – and we have succeeded! If you don’t have your tickets today, what are you waiting for? There are only two shows left and tickets are going fast! Get your tickets now:


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Wait, you mean we’re a hit!?

Singulariteen had its first two performances over the weekend at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and the audience response was overwhelmingly positive. On the audience review site, here are the reviews we’re getting:

Amazing! Fantastic play, great directing and really, really great actors.

One of the funniest, most well written shows ever. The subject material is spot on, especially given today’s political climate. But best of all was the amazing cast, which was absolutely perfect! You don’t want to miss this production.

The play was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anybody!! The actors were incredible and extremely believable. The play was the perfect amount of time to keep you captivated the whole time.

I don’t know any of these audience members! On the other hand hand, I know Earl Roske, and this is what he had to say on our Facebook page:

Saw it. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Entertaining, outrageous, twisted. Funny. You’re missing 60 minutes of absurdity if you don’t go.

Now, you might not know Earl. I do, and if Earl didn’t mean it, he wouldn’t have written it.

For our own part, we heard the audience laughing. A lot. We heard the applause. We felt great about the energy of the performances and the technical excellence of the crew. Singulariteen is nailing it! And there are still two more performances at the Fringe!

Get your tickets now!